A Few Words about the Island of Rhodes

Welcome to Rhodes, the “Island of the Knights” and of Helios, the Ancient Greek sun god, a beguiling lady and capital of the Dodecanese. Its cosmopolitan charms, the outstanding natural beauty of its hinterland, the crystalline waters of its countless beaches and its location as a crossroads on maritime trade routes between the Aegean and the Middle East have attracted many different peoples and cultures since the dawn of time; the Knights of Saint John, Ottomans and most recently Italians have all left their mark on the island’s art, language and especially its architecture.

The island’s attractions today seduce thousands of visitors from all around the globe who come to enjoy not only the unadorned natural beauty, but also to savour the unique experience of walking through the cobbled streets of the largest preserved medieval city in Europe and of dining in its old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Centre since 1988. Rhodes also boasts modern hotel facilities, a variety of recreational activities and water sports, a range of different cuisines to suit all palates and excellent nightlife in the island’s many bars and clubs.

Going south it seems as if time there was frozen several centuries ago. Visitors find themselves enthralled by a romantic ambiance as they stroll leisurely through the maze of picturesque alleys of Lindos – famed for its 17th century mansions – and the other medieval villages in the south, whose traditional architecture has still been retained to this day.

Above all else though, Rhodes is an island alive with history embodied by the Rhodians, a polite, unpretentious and warm hospitable people who dwell in idyllic towns and tranquil villages and who take to the streets on religious feast days to celebrate local saints in a welcoming and good natured atmosphere punctuated by the tunes of a local troubadour.

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