On the way towards the south coast, 28 km from the city of Rhodes, is Archangelos, the island’s largest village and an important tourist resort. Originating from the Middle Ages, the village was deliberately sited inland as a form of protection from frequent pirate raids. At first glance Archangelos is a stereotypical concrete clad provincial village, but a quick exploration of its side streets soon dispels this preconception. To this day the village’s buildings still retain strong elements of their local architectural tradition. Even more surprising is that, despite increased tourism and the accompanying exposure to a modern lifestyle, the villager’s have faithfully conserved many aspects of the traditional island way of life: be it baking bread in wood-fired ovens, practising skills and crafts of bygone eras, following unique customs or even speaking their own local dialect.

There are a host of choices for night-time entertainment, whilst during the day – local attractions include a Venetian castle and the church of Archangelou Michail (Archangel Michael).

Before leaving the village, consider finding space in your luggage for a hand-woven rug or pottery.

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