A visit to Lindos is an unforgettable experience. A mere 50 km south of Rhodes, this is a place where romance is still alive and that time has seemingly forgotten. When wending your way through the narrow lanes, absorb the beauty of the traditional houses, distinguished by the absolute symmetry of their size and building materials. Construction dates are inscribed above the entrance doors to mansions with each mansion telling the salty tales and struggles of the sea captains who once lived there and who wished upon their return from an arduous journey to be immersed in aesthetically pleasing surroundings. Some of these mansions are now luxury apartments, others are now home to restaurants and bars, whilst some have stayed in the same seafaring families for centuries, passing down from generation to generation.

The clear and shallow waters of Lindos Bay are enjoyed every year by thousands of tourists of all ages. The two beaches are amongst the most frequented on the island and have plenty of sunshades and sun loungers. Lunch can be taken at one the local taverns.

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