New Town Of Rhodes

Outside the ramparts lies the new town whose appearance is in harmony with the city’s architectural past. Bathing in the bright Rhodian light stand fine neoclassical buildings next to aesthetic modern constructions which highlights the town’s cosmopolitan character giving it an air of romance, elegance and beauty – all elements of the island’s unique identity.

This is also reflected in the town centre’s bustling Kyprou (Cyprus) square, which has a wide range of shops that have nothing to envy from those of other modern cities. Strolling along the quayside is a pleasant experience with its grandiose edifices including the Prefecture, the National Theatre, the Post Office and the Church of the Annunciation, all built during the Italian occupation of the island between 1912 and 1943.

As soon as the sun sets over Rhodes, a magical atmosphere fills the air, with the sound of music from bars, clubs and live bands intermingled with chatter from the many tavernas – all part of the town’s vibrant nightlife and the perfect climax to the day – ensuring a feel good factor for the day after.

In the new town the Mosque of Murat Reis with its very elegant minaret can be visited. Located near the Prefecture, it is built on the site of the church of Agios Antonios (Saint Anthony) and is next to the Knights’ cemetery. Inside the grounds of the mosque is a Turkish cemetery with 378 tombs. The most significant of which are those of Murat Reis the Elder, the 16th century Ottoman admiral and Turkish privateer, and numerous exiled Turks including a poet whose satirical poems incensed the Sultan.

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