Profitis Ilias

The secondest highest mountain of Rhodes, Profitis Ilias, is scattered with small traditional villages. Before reaching the summit, on top of which is built the monastery of the Profitis Ilias, there are two hotels: the Elafos (stag) and the Elafina (doe) which are characterised by their pleasingly aesthetic architectural design. These hotels, named after the fallow deer which is emblematic of Rhodes, were constructed in 1926 during the period of Italian administration. The Italian governor of the Possedimenti Italiani dell’Egeo , as the Dodecanese were then called, stayed here during the summer months to escape from the heat of the city. After the Second World War the buildings were converted into hotels. On the opposite side of the road a traditional kafeneio (coffee house) greets tired hikers.

Among the villages clinging to the mountainside are Eleousa, a rural village with many lovely houses, and the stunning Platania, built in the woods and resembling a painting.

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