Rhodes Aquarium

A sample of the marine wealth of the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean can be seen at the recently modernized Rhodes Aquarium which since 1963 has been housed in the Hydrobiological Station of Rhodes. Located at Akra ton Myloni, on the northernmost tip of the island, it is not only an aquarium but also a living museum that contains specimens of the areas endemic marine flora and fauna. The origins of the building date from the Italian occupation; the governor, Mario Lago, ordered the construction of a research station and commissioned his fellow countryman, Armando Bernabiti, to design and construct it. The architect managed to combine elements inspired by local architecture with Art Deco features, giving the building a maritime appearance.

So important is the building, being so remarkable an example of “International Style” architecture, that the Hellenic Ministry of Culture has designated it as a historic monument. Inspired by the marine environment, the main entrance has an impressive visitors’ hall which resembles a sea cave: porous stones and shells decorate the walls whilst on the floor white and black pebbles have been inlaid to create representations of aquatic life.

In parallel with the aquarium, the Hydrobiological Station of Rhodes is also a research unit of the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research.

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