Rodini Park

Just a few kilometres from the city of Rhodes, Rodini Park is a paradise waiting to be discovered and well worthy of a visit. Set in an idyllic location, shady walking trails wind through the landscaped grounds, which follow the course of a tranquil, stream abounding with flowering oleander and dotted with water lily filled ponds. Complementing this relaxing scene are the peacocks that proudly strut throughout the park and the sight of the rare Rhodian Fallow Deer which can be seen in the small adjoining zoo. The park, dating from ancient times, is perhaps the oldest example of landscape architecture anywhere in the world. The reputed site of the famous School of Rhetoric, graced by some of the most famous figures from ancient history, the park was very popular with the Romans who left their own mark, building a system of aqueducts parts of which have remained until today. It was also the site of a Hellenistic necropolis dating from the 3rd to 2nd centuries BC; beautifully decorated tombs can still be seen –such as the impressive 28 metre long Tomb of the Ptolemies, carved into a small hill, decorated with 21 Doric columns and dedicated to the honour of Ptolemy I Soter.

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