Mel Bee Museum

Making a plan for vacations in Rhodes, someone should not forget to visit the unique in Greece Bee Museum in the village Pastida.

The Museum can host groups or individual visits, giving the opportunity to its visitors to be informed for various exhibits concerning beekeeping since the old times (up to 200 years ago) up to our days. Furthermore, you can see old and modern beekeeping methods (handling beehives, a demonstration of the way honey is extracted, the production of wax, pollen, royal jelly, propolis etc), as well as a collection of tools of the farmers and the beekeepers. Through the beehives from Plexiglas, someone can safely observe the bees in their own house and also can learn more for them and their products with audio-visual media (video etc). It worth to make a walk in the bee garden, outside from the museum, where there are various Greek herbs.

After the visit in the Museum, there is a retail store where you can taste and buy natural bee’s products such as honey, pollen, Royal jelly, melekouni (traditional sweet of Rhodes), loukoums, cosmetics etc.

The big inside and outside space, the refreshment area and the playground make comfortable the visitors’ stay. The access is easy, on the Faliraki- Airport Avenue, in Pastida with big parking space.

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