Aqua Divina Fish Spa Mandilara

Let the fish-doctor give you a unique treatment that will refresh your feet, as it smoothly nibbles (it has no teeth) and removes the dead skin from them. Meanwhile, the fish-doctor produces diethanole, an enzyme that largely contributes to the rejuvenation of your skin.

The sessions with the Garra Rufa fish are wide-spread all over the world as a top skin caring method, suitable for conditions such ekzema, proriasis, dermatitis or just tired skin.

After a session with the fish-doctor you will feel light and fresh, as various acupunctural points are activated, both balancing your nervous system and increasing the blood circulation at your feet, also diminishing symptoms from conditions such as diabetes.

The whole procedure is completely safe, as the little fish are harmless to human, while you and the tanks are being sterilized in every stage of the session, ensuring high levels of hygiene.


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