Cavo Tango

Welcome to Cavo Tango Café-Bar.

For over ten years Cavo Tango Café-Bar has not just been a place for meeting up, relaxing and enjoyment but also a place for nighttime entertainment.

Cavo Tango Café-Bar is located on the western side of the island, 10 km from the city centre, in the heart of the majestic, cosmopolitan seaside resort of Ialyssos.

It is an amazing, modern, innovative space which will amaze you with its aesthetics and the impeccable service. Inside, the space is dominated by materials such as stone and wood. In the beautiful garden, the atmosphere is pleasant and friendly.

Begin your afternoon with a variety of coffees, soft drinks, cold dishes and a selection of hot and cold snacks, different flavours of ice cream and, of course, you can try a delightful waffle. Continue your evening with special exotic cocktails, long drinks and a large choice of drinks in a relaxed mood and enjoy the high quality music.

The Cavo Tango Café-Bar is open from the early afternoon until late at night and will meet all your requirements.

Have fun, let your senses lead you!

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