“O Koukos”… a small Greece in the centre of Rhodes town.
Located in the lively area of Neochori, on the famous pedestrian street of Mandilara, is the traditional café, mezedopoleio and guesthouse “O Koukos”. It is a welcoming place that focuses on what is beautiful, simple and Greek. “O Koukos” has become popular with artists from Greece and all over the world because here they can find the hospitality and quality that is so often missing in many highly touristy areas. With affordable prices and a large selection of Greek mezes, delightful salads, sea food and traditional dishes cooked in wood-fired ovens or charcoal grilled, “O Koukos” has become synonymous in Greece with good quality food and entertainment. Apart from the local wines and beer available, try the homemade souma, a local speciality which is ouzo without aniseed. This and many other local products are available in “O Koukos’s” small grocery shop. The guestrooms are an ideal place to stay and it is worth photographing them as they are an excellent example of traditional architecture, with utilitarian objects, furniture and decorative elements which are both antiques and works of art.

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