Seven Springs

Efta Piges (Seven Springs)
There is a place in the centre of the island where mother nature has mobilized all its powers to create a relaxing and cooling environment for the senses. Composed of dense vegetation, shady age-old plane trees, crystal clear water flowing from natural springs, an underground waterway to explore and a serene pond, the Efta Piges (Seven Springs) is an earthly paradise that should entrance the sun-tanned visitors.
The waters from the springs have carved out watercourses that in one place disappear into a 150 metre long rocky tunnel whose passage can be braved by visitors who are bold enough to enter it. Just the right size for a man, the passage of the tunnel is not for those who are faint-hearted or suffer from claustrophobia; One walks though it in total darkness with feet in the water and feeling one’s way only by touch – though halfway along there is a beam of light from a well above that serves as a vent and as a source of illumination.
Coming out of the tunnel one is met by a pleasant surprise, a small lake 200 metres long, ranging in width from 10 to 50 metres and varying in depth between 1 and 8 metres. Ideal for swimming, this is the only place on Rhodes where one can swim in fresh water. Besides containing other fish, eels and crabs the lake is home to the extremely rare Ghizani (Ladigesocypris ghigii) species of fish, which is native only to the streams of Rhodes. Also found in and around the lake are ducks, geese, turtles and peacocks.

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