Bogiannos Theofanis

Theofanis Bogiannos - Historical GuideTheofanis Bogiannos – Historical Guide

Theofanis Bogiannos the Rhodian, as he signs his articles and books, studied journalism at the London School of Journalism, English at the Oxford Academy and German at the Goethe Institute of Germany.

He has written twenty-five books the majority of which are dedicated to Rhodes, its people and culture, poetry and philosophy. All his books are inspired by a love of mankind, history, philosophy and Hellenism, mainly the culture of Rhodes. The majority of his books, articles, studies and programmes are. A graduate of the Dodecanese School of Tour Guides, with a disarming personality, permanent smile, a vast knowledge of ancient Greek history and archaeology and a deep sense of national and spiritual pride debt, he has been conducting tours of the villages of Rhodes and the other islands in the Dodecanese for many years. Thousands of visitors from all over the world who have come to the Diamond Island have fallen in love with Rhodes and have returned many times thanks to Theofanis Bogiannos.

The love of learning, patriotism, eloquence together with his amiable smile are his trademark. As he has proclaimed in his articles written for the local press with whom has enjoyed a wonderfully harmonious relationship for 32 years, “I am a three thousand year old Rhodian Greek!”.