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Riding club of Rhodes Kadmos

Rhodes Horse Riding Club KADMOS

Kadmos was the first horse of the founder of Rhodes Horse Riding Club. Cadmus , or Kadmos (Greek: Κάδμος ), in Greek mythology , was the son of the king of Phoenicia and brother of Europa . Cadmus founded the city of Thebes , originally named Cadmeia in his honor. KADMOS Rhodes Horse Riding Club […]

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A view of Ixia, Rhodes island west coast


Boasting a well-organised beach, Ixia, in the municipality of Ialyssos, is one of the island’s most popular and cosmopolitan tourist resorts thanks to the hotel infrastructure that blends in with the surrounding environment and the accompanying tourism facilities. Hotel complexes are located along the beach road and offer high quality service. Every year thousands of […]

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Ialyssos view, Rhodes island


Frequented by the rich and famous, Ialyssos is defined by its luxury hotels, elegant neoclassical buildings and organised glorious pebble beach which, with its waters that deepen immediately, is considered amongst the island’s most famous and is noted for the efficient services offered to tourists. Situated a stone’s throw from the town of Rhodes, a […]

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Filerimos hill, Rhodes island

The Ancient Ialyssos & Filerimos Hill

In the village of Triada, the remains of a Minoan settlement have been discovered and excavations in the surrounding hills have brought to light Mycenaean cemeteries. Leaving Triada, a pleasant walk through a pine forest leads to Filerimos hill, containing the site of the acropolis of the ancient city of Ialyssos. The area is of […]

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Ancient Kameiros, ruins in Rhodes island

Ancient Kameiros

This archaeological site contains ruins of the Hellenistic and Roman city of Kameiros together with the neighboring necropolis, which although first discovered in 1859 was mainly excavated during the Italian occupation of the island (1912-1943). Of the classical city, only the façade of a late classical fountain and some walls from the agora (market) remain. […]

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Beach of Apolakkia, Rhodes island


Named because it appears to have been built in a depression (lakko) in the plain, Apolakkia is located 92 km from Rhodes town. The west facing extensive sandy beach stretches for more than 20 km and attracts many visitors seeking an alternative to the cosmopolitan beaches on the northern part of the island. Here small […]

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