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Acropolis of Rhodes, Ancient stadium

Acropolis of Rhodes – Ancient Stadium

Overlooking the city from the west and situated on the city’s highest point is the Acropolis of Rhodes, which unlike other ancient acropoleis was not fortified. The monuments date from the Hellenistic and late Hellenistic periods (3rd to 2nd centuries BC) and include sanctuaries, public buildings, temples and underground places of worship. The layout of […]

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Filerimos hill, Rhodes island

The Ancient Ialyssos & Filerimos Hill

In the village of Triada, the remains of a Minoan settlement have been discovered and excavations in the surrounding hills have brought to light Mycenaean cemeteries. Leaving Triada, a pleasant walk through a pine forest leads to Filerimos hill, containing the site of the acropolis of the ancient city of Ialyssos. The area is of […]

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Ancient Kameiros, ruins in Rhodes island

Ancient Kameiros

This archaeological site contains ruins of the Hellenistic and Roman city of Kameiros together with the neighboring necropolis, which although first discovered in 1859 was mainly excavated during the Italian occupation of the island (1912-1943). Of the classical city, only the façade of a late classical fountain and some walls from the agora (market) remain. […]

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Lindos and the ancient city of Lindos, Rhodes island


A visit to Lindos is an unforgettable experience. A mere 50 km south of Rhodes, this is a place where romance is still alive and that time has seemingly forgotten. When wending your way through the narrow lanes, absorb the beauty of the traditional houses, distinguished by the absolute symmetry of their size and building […]

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Ancient city of Lindos, Rhodes island

The ancient city of Lindos

The ancient city of Lindos once stood on what is now the site of the modern-day village, extending from the acropolis to cape Krana. Today it is the most important archaeological site on the island with the acropolis dominating the skyline, literally hanging on to a rock 116 metres high. The acropolis itself is an […]

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Rodini Park in Rhodes island

Rodini Park

Just a few kilometres from the city of Rhodes, Rodini Park is a paradise waiting to be discovered and well worthy of a visit. Set in an idyllic location, shady walking trails wind through the landscaped grounds, which follow the course of a tranquil, stream abounding with flowering oleander and dotted with water lily filled […]

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