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Sotos water sports in Rhodes island

Sotos Watersports

Since 1981 Sotos Watersports has been serving the Rhodes and Faliraki areas. Our family is tied to the Aegean sea, come and speak with us. We can accommodate you and feel free to ask for special trips. We are here to make your vacation the most fun it can be. Our atmosphere is family friendly […]

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Riding club of Rhodes Kadmos

Rhodes Horse Riding Club KADMOS

Kadmos was the first horse of the founder of Rhodes Horse Riding Club. Cadmus , or Kadmos (Greek: Κάδμος ), in Greek mythology , was the son of the king of Phoenicia and brother of Europa . Cadmus founded the city of Thebes , originally named Cadmeia in his honor. KADMOS Rhodes Horse Riding Club […]

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Mel Bee Museum

Making a plan for vacations in Rhodes, someone should not forget to visit the unique in Greece Bee Museum in the village Pastida. The Museum can host groups or individual visits, giving the opportunity to its visitors to be informed for various exhibits concerning beekeeping since the old times (up to 200 years ago) up […]

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